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Visitor Frequency Measurement

Visitor frequency and the conversion rate derived from it have established themselves as important success indicators in stationary retail in recent years. The conversion rate represents the ratio of visitors to actual customers and reflects how many visitors could be converted into paying customers. With the help of these ratios, staff scheduling and opening hours can be optimised in a visitor-oriented manner and advertising measures and the success of the individual sales teams can be evaluated independent of pure sales.

Depending on the input situation and application, KRONOS uses different data protection-compliant technologies that are implemented either in-house or by the worldwide KRONOS service network.

KRONOS customers are free to choose whether they want only raw data or also external reporting on an intuitive, web-based real-time reporting platform. A mobile version via app including the possibility of cash register or weather data integration is also possible.

Supplementary services such as system monitoring, remote support or update management can be provided by KRONOS or, if desired, can be partially automated by the customer himself using appropriate tools. This allows system availability to be significantly increased and possible data gaps to be significantly reduced.

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