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License Plate Recognition

The management of customer and employee parking spaces represents a considerable cost segment. Therefore, intelligent solutions such as vehicle plate recognition are needed to better analyse usage behaviour.

The systematic collection of the number of parked vehicles along with occupancy times offers a number of possibilities for analysis. For example, employees and customers can be differentiated from each other and the general degree of utilisation can be determined. The result is meaningful data that can be used for various optimisations.

For example, pricing strategies, opening hours and parking space allocation to staff can be adjusted according to demand. Rights-based access controls can also be automated. By systematically evaluating the number plates, it is also possible to determine the catchment area of visitors by state and district, which can be very helpful for the regional distribution of marketing measures.

Depending on the application and the area to be monitored, KRONOS uses different, data protection-compliant technologies from well-known manufacturers.

If desired, reporting can be done via a web-based platform or as a raw data export.

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