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Stationary & Virtual Queue Management

The highest possible customer satisfaction is essential for the long-term success of a retail company. Various studies have shown that excessively long waiting times at checkouts disrupt customer satisfaction in the long term. In addition, long checkout queues often lead to abandoned purchases, which unnecessarily reduce sales. For this reason, it is essential to minimise queues or to prevent their formation.

The stationary solution from KRONOS is based on two approaches:

  1. Measurement of queues together with real-time alerts when a freely definable queue length is reached.
  2. General avoidance of queues through strategic analysis of input frequency data and optionally dwell times.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the associated restriction of visitor numbers, there are currently more queues in front of the shops. Here, too long waiting times have a detrimental effect on customer satisfaction. In addition, those waiting are exposed to an increased risk of infection, which must be minimised.

In addition to stationary queue management, KRONOS therefore also offers virtual queue management. With this solution, a virtual place in the queue can be blocked in a very simple and mobile way, so that visitors can carry out other tasks in the meantime. Information is then sent automatically and on time when access to the shop is possible.

KRONOS uses different, data protection-compliant technologies and various software modules independently of the manufacturer, depending on the task.

The ongoing operation of the systems can optionally be monitored and managed by KRONOS in various ways.

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