Digital Access Control / Occupancy Management

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, retailers must take special hygiene and protective measures until further notice. An important building block for the future operation of shops is a restriction of the number of visitors depending on the shop space. This can be done manually by staff or automatically.

In practice, digital access control has proven to be much more economical than control by internal or external staff, especially in case of continuous use (>4 weeks). In addition, automated monitoring of the occupancy levels considerably minimises the risk of infection for the staff.

The KRONOS system is available in different expansion stages:

One possible option is access control via screen with digital traffic light system or via analogue traffic light system. If a freely definable number of visitors is reached, the traffic light switches to red. If the number of visitors drops below the defined threshold, the traffic light turns green again.

Alternatively, information can simply be sent to the staff, e.g. by e-mail, if a defined number of people is exceeded. In this case, the staff must temporarily regulate access to the location.

With both expansion stages, the frequency data determined in the background by sensors can of course also be used for other analyses.

The system can also be optionally extended to include automatic mask detection and acoustic indications as well as distance warnings. The detection and counting of shopping trolleys is also easily possible.

If required, the KRONOS digital access control system can also be combined with an intelligent, touch-free Digital Hand Sanitizer Dispensers in a particularly aesthetic design

To achieve the highest possible system availability, complete system monitoring can be carried out by KRONOS if required.

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