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Passerby Measurement

For some time now, footfall and the capture rate derived from it have been among the most important indicators used by retail companies to evaluate and control stationary shops. The capture rate, also known as the peel-off rate or fishing rate, is the ratio of passersby to visitors. It shows how many passers-by actually become visitors to the respective shop. By analysing these variables, it is possible, among other things, to carry out a general location evaluation as well as an evaluation of the acceptance of the shop window design.

Depending on the purpose, KRONOS uses various manufacturer-independent indoor and outdoor technologies, all of which comply with current data protection regulations and can be installed without great effort either by the customer or by the KRONOS installation team.

KRONOS customers are always free to choose whether they want only raw data and/or complete external reporting on an intuitive, web-based real-time reporting platform. A mobile app including the possibility of integrating further data (e.g. cash register data, personnel data, weather data, etc.) is also available as an option.

Additional services such as system monitoring, remote support or update management can be optionally booked or, if desired, carried out by the customer himself.

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