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Path Tracking & Dwell Time Measurement

Currently, retailers are mostly focusing on optimising existing retail spaces instead of expanding them. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to analyse the walking behaviour of visitors in order to be able to optimise the areas on the basis of these findings in a visitor-oriented manner. Among other things, a visual and/or data-driven evaluation of walking routes and dwell times can be used to achieve a higher flooding of the store space and a general increase in browsing times on the basis of corresponding adjustments to the store layout. This in turn can significantly contribute to an increase in turnover.

KRONOS uses different systems for this, independent of the manufacturer, based on the architectural conditions, taking into account all data protection guidelines.

A visual evaluation similar to a heat map is carried out via a web-based reporting platform. Numerical data of individual zones can also be made available as raw data.

Optional services for the professional management of the systems can be taken over by KRONOS on request, or can also be partially automated by the customer himself using appropriate tools.

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