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Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

Electronic shelf labels are the perfect medium for transparent pricing in modern retail. In times when online and offline are increasingly merging, consumers expect a uniform pricing strategy on all sales channels. Stationary retailers should therefore be able to react quickly and dynamically to market changes in terms of pricing. Digital shelf labels are particularly suitable for this and generally provide a visual upgrade. The pricing is transferred digitally to the respective label, which ensures maximum flexibility and reliable information. Individual or manual changes to the price labels are therefore no longer necessary. All labels are highly customisable through colouring and logos and are available in numerous sizes.

In addition to price information, various other product or availability information can be placed on the labels and highlighted in different colours or by flashing functions. The content can be adapted in seconds either decentrally by the local staff themselves or centrally from the company headquarters. This allows a completely flexible and cost-efficient pricing strategy removed from rigid seasonal reduction times, so that, for example, prices of seasonal items can be changed even in the case of unpredictable changes in the weather, in order to always achieve the highest possible product margin.

In addition, the shelf labels can also be used for targeted product search. For example, sales staff can flash labels as needed to direct customers to a product. Alternatively, the customer can also be easily navigated to specific product groups via an app.

KRONOS uses different manufacturers in the field of digital price labels. The manufacturer-independent KRONOS ESL software also makes it easy to implement concepts with mixed systems.

As a system integrator, KRONOS can, at the customer's request, take over not only the conceptual design and software provision, but also the installations and maintenance / monitoring of the systems.

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