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Article Surveillance

The number of thefts in retail has been constantly at a very high level for years and causes enormous inventory discrepancies. So-called opportunistic thieves have a large share in this. As a rule, they can be deterred very well by electronic article surveillance (EAS).

A classic retail article surveillance system always consists of at least two antennas, security tags and other components such as deactivators/reactivators and detachers.

Depending on the customer's wishes, the antennas can be placed conspicuously as stand antennas in the entrance area, so that they are very present and have a greater deterrent effect. For aesthetic reasons, however, more discreet placements - e.g. on the ceiling or in the floor - are also possible.

The labels are available in different sizes and colours depending on the product groups, e.g. as adhesive labels or as hard labels with plastic housings.

With regard to the common technologies, there are electromagnetic (EM), radio frequency (RF) and acousto-magnetic (AM) systems. In addition to the technical functionality, these differ primarily in the respective detection widths, the size of the labels that can be used and the purchase price.

KRONOS uses loss prevention systems from various renowned manufacturers, depending on the customer's needs and budget. In addition to complete solutions, we can also offer you suitable components for existing systems.

In addition to professional conceptual design and project planning, KRONOS offers a worldwide service network for installations and maintenance.

If desired, the antennas can also be integrated into the network and maintained remotely.

In addition to the EAS systems at the entrance, KRONOS also offers, for example, electronic line security, bottle security, RFID concepts, but also individual solutions in the area of security technology. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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