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Video Surveillance

Video surveillance (CCTV) is a helpful loss prevention tool for reducing, but also solving, thefts in retail. Experience has shown that such solutions for the interior of shops can also significantly minimise offences committed by employees and professional thieves.

In addition, professional video surveillance serves to prevent robberies, burglaries and vandalism, as well as for the general preservation of evidence of criminal offences.

KRONOS uses different cameras from renowned manufacturers for data protection-compliant video surveillance, depending on the architecture and main area of application. Analogue cameras, digital cameras and IP cameras are used. In addition to the monetary factor, the choice of the appropriate camera technology is influenced by the desired transmission type, the resolution, the colour scheme and the lighting conditions at the surveillance location. Often, existing cabling also has an influence on the choice of product.

A receiver, e.g. a recorder and/or a monitor, is required to process and evaluate the video signals. In general, however, an evaluation can also be carried out in real time via an app.

With KRONOS as a specialist for intelligent video surveillance solutions, you have a partner with an international service network at your side who can also take over the complete management and maintenance of your systems if required.

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