Digital Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Hand sanitizers in retail outlets for both sales staff and customers are an important core element in combating the covid-19 pandemic. The German Chambers of Industry and Commerce and the German Trade Association recommend the use of dispensers at store entrances.

In order for such hygiene stations in to be accepted by customers, these high-maintenance areas need to be checked regularly in order to meet the demands for aesthetics and, above all, hygiene. However, as sales staff have other tasks to focus on, this is often not possible.

The digital smart hand sanitizer dispensers from KRONOS have the great advantage that they automatically send an alarm via an integrated level sensor when the disinfectant is running low. This means that dispensers are always refilled on time.

In addition, thanks to innovative sensor technology, KRONOS hand sanitizer dispensers can be operated completely touch-free by customers, ensuring hygienic use at all times and a minimal risk of infection.

Automated monitoring of usage behavior is also available as an option, so that a discreet alarm can be issued if a visitor does not undergo hand disinfection.

The dispensers, together with an optional pedestal, are available in a variety of colors and can also be visually customized if a larger quantity is purchased.

On request, KRONOS can also supply appropriately certified hand sanitizers and even offer a nationwide refill service through the KRONOS service team.

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